Round Spawn System


Please note: this package is not suitable for creating infinite rounds. This system can be used to craft a finite number of rounds for your game.

Easily and quickly implement a round spawn system in your game. Using the round event system you can implement any action to be performed, including (but not limited to): changing lighting, spawning preparation objects, displaying text/help on screen, and playing audio.

Fully customizable and easy to implement. Comprehensively documented and supported, including an example scene showing one possible implementation.

Each round consists of a number of checkpoints and an optional round boss.

  • Example and template scripts included to show you how to easily change lighting dependent on the round, and show text and audio at round start/end or round boss.
  • A documented type-safe event system. Easily add your own events.
  • Ability to limit enemy count (useful for mobile devices).
  • Compatible with 2D/3D