Particle Effect System

Neon Line Particle Effects Unity Asset Featured Image

Simplified Particle System

Easily create complex particle effects using GameObjects and Unity’s built-in animation system or through scripts. (see particle emitter scene for a small sample of effects that can be created)

Built-in Screen Constraints

Two types of screen constraints: – Constrain: the screen edges act as a wall that particles bounce off. – Wrap-around: particles leaving the edge of the screen are placed at the opposite side, producing a wrap-around effect. (see constrain scene in web demo)

Drag-and-drop Effectors

Simply drag the required prefab into the scene. Three different types of effectors: – Attract: attracts particles to centre of effector. -Repel: pushes particles away from effector. Black-hole: attracts particles to centre but also provides a rotatory force. (see effectors scene in web demo)

  • Full Object Pooling
  • Re-usable particles.
  • Mobile ready.
  • Easily limit the number of active particles.
  • Fully documented with example scenes and prefabs to get you started.
  • Add any sprite as a particle to create different looking effects.
  • Change particles size and colour based on velocity.