Coroutine Manager


Professional Coroutine Management Solution

Consists of three main modules: Job, JobManager, and JobQueue. These modules can be used separately or in conjunction to easily and efficiently manage coroutines.

The Job module encapsulates the creation of a coroutine job. Using this module, you can easily and efficently create coroutines that can be paused (with or without a delay), resumed, killed, made repeatable, cloned etc.

The JobManager module provides global named access to coroutines, and the ability to pause, resume, and kill a coroutine from anywhere in your codebase.

The JobQueue module enables you to create queues of coroutines. This queue can be made repeatable and continuous; and be paused, resumed, or killed, at anytime.

A full event system is also incorporated into each module. Subscribe to events raised on job start/pause/resume/complete, to name just a few.

  • Ability to clone jobs and job queues.
  • Easy to use, includes 8 example scenes showcasing the included functionality.
  • Fully documented.
  • Easily create repeatable jobs.
  • Create child jobs, where the main job will not complete until all child jobs have finished processing.
  • Access global and local queues.
  • Use delayed methods e.g.. pause, resume, or kill a coroutine or a queue of jobs after a number of seconds have passed.
  • Pause, resume, or kill all coroutines from a globally accessible location.