Game Overview

Simple to play, hard to master. Touch the screen to change direction and shoot, in this fast paced, action game.

Kill the enemies within before they can shoot and damage your orbit. Buy upgrades between each round to increase your chance of survival, including: additional ships, increased speed, better bullet spread, and much more!


Includes: source code (Android and iOS); Unity project (Version 5.3.5); any sprites, audio, and fonts used in game; and builds for Android (ready to be installed on your device).

The Unity project will allow you to edit levels and export the game to other platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, and OSX.


  • Full upgrade system, includes: additional ships, bullet spread, extra health spawns, extra collectible spawns, ship speed, and bullet speed.
  • Endless gameplay.
  • Unity project included.
  • Complete game including UI.
  • Easy to reskin (drag and drop).

Important: requires Unity 5.3.5. to build. Unity can be downloaded and used for free.

The hero image for the mobile game template Orbit. Shows the game logo. Support for iOS and Android. Unity project included. Upgrade system.