Game Overview

Each half of the screen provides unique challenges that must be navigated. Left and right must work in unison to survive.

Swipe your finger on each side of the screen to navigate the obstacles. Separate level sections are spawned for each side of the screen, increasing the challenge.



Includes: source code; Unity Project (Version 5.3.5); any sprites, audio, and fonts used in game; and a build for Android (ready to be installed on your device).

The Unity project will allow you to edit levels and export the game to other platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, and OSX.


  • Infinite gameplay.
  • Unity project included.
  • Complete game including UI.
  • Easy to reskin (drag and drop).
  • Google Play support.

Important: requires Unity 5.3.5. to build. Unity can be downloaded and used for free.

The hero image for the mobile game template Double. Shows the game logo. Support for iOS and Android. Unity project included. Documented.