Why ‘Gandhi  Games’?

It isn’t  a very exciting story I’m  afraid. It’s  not an allusion to Mahatma Gandhi and his pursuit for independence (although that would have been smart as I’m an independent developer…) but rather the name of the place I was living (and have fond memories of) when I created Gandhi Games. What better way to name a company than include personal information about the owner? (Actually as it turns out… pretty much any other way really. Unless you want to keep answering the question ‘why Gandhi Games?’)

What are game templates?

A game template is a full featured game that, once downloaded, you are free to treat it as if you developed it (within reason). Once you download/purchase a template you receive the source code as well as any executables and mobile builds. You can then reskin (change sprites, fonts, audio, etc) and release the product on a marketplace (or several) as your own product.

Templates hosted here come in two main varieties: Unity and Buildbox. These are just different platforms/engines that do similar things (i.e. help you make games) but go about it in very different ways. You do not need to know how they work or even what they are to take advantage of the templates. You can simply drag and drop your files over mine (full instructions are included with each template).

Using these templates, you can release games on the stores in no time at all and with no development knowledge.

You also develop Unity assets?

I do indeed! Unity Assets are packages you can download to extend your Unity experience in some way. They are targeted towards people that use the Unity engine.

They can provide the basis for a game (Cave Exploration, Infinite Jumper); extend existing functionality in some way (Coroutine Manager), or supplement your existing tools/programs by providing unique features (Particle Effect System, Cave Generator). They are designed to make your life easier when developing games in Unity.

Is that it?

I also post weekly blog articles on various subjects. This is usually a good place to find ideas and code that may benefit existing projects you’re working on or even inspire future projects.

I am also writing a Game AI book to teach existing programmers a range of AI techniques by bringing a small village and its surrounding area to life. At first the village is empty and abandoned but as the book progresses we’ll program NPC’s and various hazards/enemies that would be found in a typical adventure/RPG game.

How do I contact you?

You can contact me here and I will get back to you as soon as possible.